In order to fulfil Gwynfe Community Association’s mission statement to provide social, recreational and leisure activities in the Hall, we attempt to provide Gwynfe with an opportunity to have a good ‘night out’ by hosting a professional Show, every two or three months; since June 2002, we have forged a partnership with The Arts Council of Wales 'Night Out' Scheme and Carmarthenshire County Council, to bring Performing Arts to our Community; originally we were assisted by our special friend John Prior, Community Touring Manager, now retired and running Prior Arrangements.

With financial help from Community Fund and Lottery money, we were able to purchase a Stage, Lighting & Lanterns and Curtain, all of which have helped in providing the atmosphere to promote Shows.

In June 2002 we presented the talented Frank Hennessy & Friends; it was a fabulous Show enjoyed by our Community and many from our 20 mile catchment area - a gang came up from nearby Llandovery (our thanks to them for their support).
In September 2002 we were extremely lucky to have the Welsh Brass Consort, featuring players from the highly acclaimed Orchestra of Welsh National Opera. The Community were delighted with the music, even those who were a bit apprehensive that it may be too high brow for them. 

One freezing evening in January 2003, we were lucky to have The Bakelite Boys to entertain us with their versatile voices, singing 100 songs from 100 years in 100 minutes and with giant score board and 100 minute clock to keep count, they amused us with their great humour. Despite the weather, we were seven tickets short of 'a sell out' crowd, enthralled by the tunes they sang, with something for everyone, even the songs between 1900 and 1920 bring remembered.  

In February 2003, we spent a delightful evening with Isla St Clair, her one-woman show, a wonderful fusion of traditional songs and modern classics, spiced with fascinating and humorous anecdotes of her experiences in show business, as singer, presenter, actress and producer. Isla was extremely friendly and generous with her time, making many people happy by mingling and stopping to speak with the audience.  

In May 2003, we hosted The Bob Hall Show. Critically acclaimed as Britain's premier Blues and boogie woogie piano player, Bob shared with us his enthusiasm for styles of the 20's and 30's; he was accompanied by Hilary Blythe on bass guitar and with her poignant and beautiful voice she sang blues and joyous gospel songs. Bob and Hilary took Gwynfe by storm and had us boogie-ing in all available spaces.  

October 2003, we hosted the Brimstone & Couza Show. Cockney troubadour, Derek Brimstone, guitarist, singer, banjo picker, racy raconteur and author, interspersed his set with amusing recollections of his childhood and tales of his travels all over the world, which left us rolling in our seats.   He was joined by Jim Couza, American folk musician, described as the best Hammered Dulcimer player in the world; Jim provided us with light classical music, modern jazz pieces, popular contemporary songs and music, a variety of airs and dance tunes all drawn from the traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the USA. They both had fans that came to see them personally and left Capel Gwynfe with even more.

In January 2004, we hosted a return by popular demand, of Frank Hennessy & Friends, this time joined by Tommy Edwards. Our friends from Llandovery came up to Capel Gwynfe again - 17 of them and the tickets were a sell out. A great night was had by all.

Our next Show was given by the family Montaigue, who have just joined the Community of Gwynfe, coming from Australia last November. They performed a benefit concert in aid of the Hall on 17th April, 2004 and we were fully booked. Their stage name is Moontagu – and we are extremely grateful to them.

In May we held our 2004 Spring Show. Saturday saw the The Bold Balladiers, dressed in full costume, performing popular Victorian & Edwardian parlour song and music; a polished exhibition full of energy. Prizes were given to the audience, with Wendy & George Fleming "Pearly King & Queen" winning 'best dressed Lady and Gentleman'. Jordon Harries won 'best dressed child' and June Howard a special Bold Balladiers prize. On Sunday there were Professional & Community displays and an exhibition of our Primary Schools Painting Competition, which saw four local Schools taking part. A special mention for Julie Brenan - a local Artist of International fame, for assisting June to purchase the Prizes for the Schools Competition, judging the Competition, presenting the Prizes and for her donation. A good weekend was had by all.    

On a sunny June evening, we hosted AndrewFawcett's 'Kind of Blue’, featuring Andrew on saxophone, Gethin Liddington trumpet, Paula Gardiner bassist, Julian Martin piano and Mark Harris drums; a fine evening of Jazz to suit to all tastes - accomplished musicians in their own right and playing together extremely well as a band.

Having purchased our Piano supported by a Lottery grant from The Arts Council of Wales, in August 2004, we held a recital with Hugh Thomas and Ben Montaigue. Hugh's performance was as we expected - professional and pleasing, and his little speeches before playing each piece, were informative and entertaining - thank you Hugh. The Community would also like to thank Ben - not just for playing his own compositions, but for making us laugh when describing the workings of the Piano. June would like to thank both men for the advice they gave her when she was accessing funding for buying this instrument. The Cheese & Wine Evening was a great success and the Committee thank Hugh and Ben for the benefit Recital.

Henry Marten's Ghost performing in September, had hands clapping and feet tapping, under the spirited leadership of Padraig Lalor singer and guitarist, assisted by Piotr Jordon on fiddle, Huw Rees on percussion and Gill O'Shea playing melodeon and whistles; with the unexpected but welcomed addition of three Ceilidh dancers and a great deal of audience participation, the evening developed into what turned out to be a tremendously enjoyable Irish Night.  A good time was had by all.

In December we hosted the Llandovery Male Voice Choir and guest artist Aled Edwards. The performance was a blend of Welsh & English, with marvellous Ancient & Modern Hymns & Songs, some with a Christmas flavour, which started the Community off in a festive mood.  We were supported in this by Tywys.

A very satisfactory 'Welsh Night' was held at the end of January 2005, when Cwmni’r Cudyll Coch performed two Plays in the medium of Welsh.

Middle of February 2005 saw us spending an evening with Christine Bissell and Andy Andrews, the Inner State Theatre Company, performing Dracula; it was just like a Pantomime, but with a cast of two. The children in the audience thoroughly enjoyed the Show, while the grownup had fun with the jokes and innuendoes. The front rows were sprayed wet 'during a storm' and we all ooohed! and aaahed! at the right time; Marcus Keegan Pantycefn and Elen Davies Dafadfa Uchaf were 'volunteers', playing a Captain of a Cutter and Dracula’s Bride.

On St. David's 2005, we celebrated with a Welsh Night, featuring Llio Silyn and Janet Aethwy performing their Show “Syth o'r Nyth”; this was followed by 'Cawl, Caws, Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes. We had been supported by The Arts Council of Wales and Dairy Farmers of Britain, Llangadog.

In May 2005, Mike Harries and The Root Doctors performed to a sell out, appreciative and enthusiastic audience and together we raised the roof. The majority of their fans from Llandeilo are avid followers and we had no trouble selling tickets. Gwynfe is fast getting the reputation as a centre of excellence for the Performing Arts.

We played host to The Amigos in June 2005; with their wide-ranging musical style, they brought tunes from all over the world, including sizzling Latin America, to Gwynfe. An Ammanford couple performed an impromptu demonstration of the popular Salsa and were met with tremendous applause from the audience.

In July 2005, we welcomed back 'Moontagu'; you will remember they are a family band, father Erle, his two sons, Ben and Eli and daughter Kathleen.  We enjoyed their performance and they also organized Cor Meibion Dinefwr, a local choir from Llandeilo to sing for us; Ben played Piano for the choir. Our thanks to the Montague family, including their mum Sandy, for the ‘benefit concert’ in aid of our Hall.

Hoover The Dog performed at the Hall in September 2005 and delighted us all with their brilliant and clever music; John Hymas on Violin, playing many of the tunes he composed, Tony Harris on Bouzouki, Guitar and the their Vocalist and the amusing Paul Hutchinson playing a mean Accordion.

We hosted a very jolly and lively programme of reels & jigs, in October 2005 with Miln & James; they brought along Sarah, a singer with a beautiful and charming voice and we found that we had gained three for the price of two.

For those who did not make it to the Old Tyme Musical Show in December, 2005, you missed all the fun; John Prior & Friends Richard Berry, Heather Jones, Helen Woods, Tony Jacobs and Jim Barry, brought an early Christmas to Gwynfe. The Tree was positioned in the Garden, Hall decorated, Betty baked the Mince Pies and we end with singing a medley of Christmas Carols, not before listening to 'A Christmas Carol' read by Richard and John.

In April 2006, Cor Meibion Dinefwr performed a Benefit Concert in the Hall; Gwynfe Hall Management Committee supported the evening and the proceeds, £326.06, were donated to Gwynfe Community Association, who in turn contributed the amount to the Urdd 2007 Fund Raising Community, whose remit it was to access £4,000. Our Secretary June is a member of that Committee.

In June 2006 we welcomed back Inner State Theatre Company, performing 'Seaside Sunshine', which brought fun and laughter to Gwynfe; it was enjoyed by the children, their parents, grand parents and the remainder of us. The Hall Committee would like to thank Marcus Keegan, Steve Jones and Daniel Reeves, whose 10th birthday it was, for allowing themselves to be used as ‘extras’.

Love on a Piano performed for us in August 2006; they were enthusiastic and entertaining, making for a relaxing night out; we all joined in 'the banter' and everyone had a good laugh!!

The Amigos returned in October 2006 and the audience loved them; they were the first Performing Arts Show to receive a standing ovation. Our locals are still talking about "The Amigos".

December 2006 T.P.P. Theatrical Productions performed "Sleeping Beauty" The Pantomime, the evening after the Children's Christmas Tea Party. Fired with enthusiasm, almost all the children in good voice, returned with parents, to help the beautiful princess escape from the clutches of the wicked witch. Our usual Friends of the Performing Arts, came along and enjoyed themselves as well.

On a beautiful sunny evening in February 2007, Isla St Clair arrived at the Hall to entertain Friends of Gwynfe Performing Arts, with her one-woman show in the intimate atmosphere of Gwynfe Community Hall; Isla's interpretation of Scottish classics and stirring popular songs touched a wide range of emotions in people, with each person present enjoying themselves. A Raffle was held, one of the prizes being a DVD which Isla had donated.

The Bakelite Boys in April 2007, back after four years were humorous, witty, entertaining, comical, hilarious, and with marvellous vocalizing, gave us a professional performance.

For Celtic Connections with Lowri Evans and Henry Marten's Ghost, a rousing Community "Marvellous"; Lowri has a beautiful voice and Padraig, Jill, Piotr and Huw all talented performers in their own right, came together to give us a wonderfully evening. Show attracted people from Ammanford and Llanelli. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance – extremely good value for money.

Gwynfe Community Association hosted the frankly SINATRA show on 25 August and what a performer is Jo King, a fantastic one-man show with professional quality and content, his timing was to be admired; the audience were enraptured and the comedic interludes with Elvis Presley and Sammy Davies Junior were hilarious.

The Community of Gwynfe were entertained on Saturday 27 October, to a presentation of Under Milk Wood by the Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company; many have never previously seen a recital of Dylan Thomas, so it was an excellent opportunity for us. Being in the round the audience were very close to the Players, whose skilled performance was not only by Voice, but with Signing; among the six Cast members, all with extensive and substantial experience, one is a board member of Young Deaf Roots Theatre and one whose new guide dog, to quote him, is mad, though an excellent worker?

Cracking Christmas Show a hilarious performance by The Splott Brothers on Saturday 22 December 2007, was enjoyed by all the children joining in the magic and mayhem; the special Band and Singers put us all in the mood for Christmas. Even those without children enjoyed the Show.

Celtic Connections was a hit on Saturday and complimented our St. David’s Day Celebrations; we have had them here before and every time they perform at Gwynfe Community Hall, they seem more polished and professional.  We congratulated Lowri Evans on her win at Can i Gymru the evening before and she sang the winning Song accompanied beautifully on the Guitar by Lee Mason.  It is Padraig and Jill’s third visit to the Hall and they kept us amused with their banter; we enjoyed the old Irish favourites and singing along with them.
Peter Karrie West End Star performed at Gwynfe Community Hall on 17 May to a packed House; no one in audience would disagree that it was one of the best Shows Gwynfe Community Association have promoted.

Rosemary Squires performed her Show, “Life is a Song” on Saturday 5 July; Rosemary brought back many memories for her Fans whom enjoyed the songs, laughed at her reminiscences especially the Jingles Medley and were delighted with the “name dropping”.  But then she has, been there and done it all, and not changed a bit!  Brian Dee on Piano whom also featured solo spots and Robin Haynes the splendid Bass player from Newport, are worth a mention for their backing. 

Mal Pope Back On The Road on Saturday 13 September, the Hall committee welcomed Mal and Daisy Blue;  Mal is a very gifted and approachable person whom has composed many pop songs for famous people we know, musicals and of course, Fireman Sam which we all enjoyed singing.  Mal explained the thoughts behind his compositions of song and musicals like, Amazing Grace, The Contender and his new Cappuccino Girls and spoke of stars he has worked with from John Peel and Elton John to Only Men Aloud.  At 16 Daisy, Mal’s daughter, has a voice that can sing songs like Cry Me A River and Summertime beautifully and we hope to hear a lot more from her.

On Saturday 20 December, 2008, A Victorian Christmas was performed by The Bold Balladiers, with enviable biographies singing and playing a selection of best Victorian & Edwardian Popular Music, Carols, Opera, and Music Hall; Michael Goldthorpe a tenor, Justin Bissell playing our Piano and an Organ, which started life as a Salvation Army Organ and Kelly Sharp mezzo, a talented trio entertained us.

2009 St David's Day Celebrations took place on Saturday 28 February when Cawl and Entertainment were included with the Ticket; an Amateur Dramatic Group, Cwmni'r Cudyll Coch, performed two plays in Welsh;  all whom attended seemed to enjoy themselves.

On  Saturday 04 April we hosted the Vivace Singers and the committee was surprised and delighted by them; adjectives overheard to describe their voices were powerful, professional, skilful, talented, gifted, brilliant, exquisite voices.  All present at Gwynfe Community Hall enjoyed a wonderful evening.

Gwynfe Hall Committee welcomed The Foundlings at the Hall on Saturday 13 June; we were entertained by three young innovative, acoustic musicians, singing and playing various String instruments and we enjoyed a lively evening, with many of their 'fans' turning up to support them.

Gwynfe Community Hall encountered a Big Band sound from Mike Harries and The Root Doctors on Saturday 01 August; Friends of Gwynfe Performing Arts and Jazz Fans joined together to enjoy the music and support Gwynfe Community Association.  Two new Prizes in the Room Raffle - Tickets for our next Show were won by Julie Hernan and Val Chambers. 

Saturday 10 October we enjoyed a hilarious evening with Three Men in a Bowtie; Chris and Martin's humorous anecdotes about about farming and the area, tickled many a local's funnybone; the third member, Nonny the Pianist, unfortunately had to send apologize, but replacement Gareth the Magician, astounded us with his marvellous tricks.  The usual Room Raffle took place with two special prizes, Tickets for our next Show, A Man and His Music, featuring the famous Peter Karrie, being won by Shelia Morgan and Hualwen Lloyd.

The Community experience a polished performance on Saturday 05 December 2009, when Peter Karrie, returned by popular demand to Gwynfe Community Hall; followers from far a field braved the bad weather and ventured out on an extremely nasty evening.  It was a 'sell out' Show, with a fabulous atmosphere.

St. David's Day Celebrations which took place on Saturday 06 March 2010, was a tremendous success and the Committee of Gwynfe Community Hall thanks everyone whom helped to make it so. Two delicious Cawls made from Bacon and Lamb were cooked; all the vegetables, meat and Caws being donated, as were the delicious homemade Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes.  Cor Meibion Dinefwr, in good voice, performed two sets on either side of the Interval, during which the audience were invited to partake of the food.  Prizes for the Raffle were donated, but we must not forget the audience for generously purchasing Tickets to make it as success; a marvellous effort by all concerned.  

'Eyes Front' was an exciting combination of live performance and film about music in wartime, presented by singer and broadcaster Isla St Clair and Patrick King in March 2010.  Isla performed a selection of popular songs, classics of their time and told the stories behind them; Patrick gave a fascinating and humorous "behind-the-scenes" look at the making of their award winning documentary films about music in war.  Using film clips they illustrate how songs and music played an important part in people's daily lives: for boosting morale, for propaganda or for just reminding people of better times.

Strike up the Band performed by Welsh Brass Consort in September 2010 did not disappoint; they were all that we expected, filling the room with beautiful and entertaining music, much appreciated by all.

Tim Kliphuis Trio performed at Gwynfe Community Hall on Saturday 30 October 2010, comparing accurately to their advanced publicity description.  “Incredible, breathtaking, fantastic, fabulous, beautiful atmosphere in your Hall” – were words used by the audience to the committee, describing the Show.  Tim Kliphuis playing his Violin, Gary Phillips playing two Guitars and George Trebaron Double Bass were superb.

On Saturday 03 December 2010 we welcomed back Frank Hennessy and Friends.  This ever-changing show is "Night Out's" longest running success story and was the first show Gwynfe Community Association hosted back in 2002; they returned in 2004.  Each performance also includes guest entertainers, who may be drawn from anywhere on the spectrum of professional performing arts.”  John Prior says, “I continue to arrange this most popular arts variety show - just as I did when running the Night Out Scheme for the Arts Council of Wales.”  We hoped to feature, as host and compere, famed Cardiff folk singer/songwriter, Frank Hennessy (popular presenter of BBC Wales folk programme 'Celtic Heartbeat') but due to unforeseen circumstances he was unable to attend; Dave Burns and Iolo Jones ‘The Hennessys’ - each of them solo artists in their own right made sure we experienced a rollicking evening that did not fail to delight our audience, their music and humour ensured that the evening went with a swing - and with a tone that was acceptable in any company; guests were Heather Jones and John Prior.   
Annual Children’s Christmas Tea Party postponed from Friday 17 December because of the snow, until  01 January 2011, was a huge success again with the children.   There were all sorts of exciting things going on; Marvo the Magician returned conjuring up a fun-filled magic show with Balloon models and face paint; there was also a mini-disco.  Then the Tea party commenced with lots of Party Food; Father Christmas kindly returned to Gwynfe off on his world tour ane the afternoon ended with the Grand Christmas Raffle.  The Association is grateful to all those whom donated towards the Party and to the people who took down the decorations.

Gwynfe’s Mobile Library which is steered to our village on the second Wednesday of every month, is gaining momentum as we have new residents interested in reading; everyone is welcomed and Peter the Driver/Librarian will pick up your choice of Book from the Library in Llanelli especially for you, if you can not find anything to suit among the vast number of Books in the Van. 

St David’s Day Celebrations with Cor Meibion Dinefwr performing and a Cawl Evening in Gwynfe Community Hall, took place on Saturday 05 March 2011.  Cor Meibion Dinefwr, which was formed in 1966, needs no introducing. The choir has travelled extensively in France, Ireland and England. There are 22 choristers in the Choir, including "locals" from Gwynfe.  In the  absence of their musical director, John Williams whom is recuperating after his recent Heart operation, the Choir was conducted by Ben Montaigue; the Choir's temporary accompanist was Miss Elin Rees from Capel Isaac.  We saw the many "followers" of Cor Meibion Dinefwr, and members from the communities of Llangadog, Bethlehem, Gwynfe and Llanddeusant, at this concert. Tickets £5, were available from Betty or June; Doors opened at 6:30 pm, the Show started at 7 pm; Cawl, Cheese, Bara Brith, Welsh Cakes and Tea or Coffee were served during the Interval.
Royal Wedding the community of Gwynfe celebrated the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton during the May Day holiday weekend.  A Children’s Party on the Patio took place on Friday 29 April 2011 and we gave every child in Gwynfe a limited edition souvenir Mug to mark the occasion; this was followed by a Disco.  Gwynfe Community Association also held a Grand Party Raffle, tickets were drawn at the end of Saturday evening.
Vivace Singers entertained us on the evening of Saturday 30 April.  This experienced ensemble has sung alongside Bryn Terfel, Katherine Jenkins, Aled Jones and Catrin Finch, also many leading Male Choirs have invited them to perform with them among which are the Gwalia Singers, Morriston Orpheus Males Voice Choir and Haverfordwest Male Voice choir; they have also shared a stage with Mal Pope and Steve Balsamo at the grand Theatre, have appeared at venues including the Wales Millennium Centre, St. David’s Hall and represented Great Britain at America Cantat IV held in Mexico City in 2004 and collaborated with Serendipity and Only Men Aloud.  Formed in 1998 whilst still students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama their aim was a wide range of cappella and accompanied music for female voices; traditional folksongs, breezy jazz and well-known pop-songs from the eighties are given a dynamic new choral twist.  They made the evening go with a swing.
Gwynfe Agricultural Show Committee served Baked Jacket Potatoes with delicious fillings to supply to the audience during the Interval.
Gwynfe Community Association hosted Sing in Company on Saturday 16 July and compliments for the entertainment provided by the group of ladies started coming in the next morning; everyone thoroughly enjoyed their enthusiastic singing and Alun Brookfield their Director had us all clapping and singing along to songs we all knew.  The committee thank the fans of Sing in Company for joining with the locals to have such an enjoyable evening and we are pleased that Alun lives in the Village.  
Gwynfe Community Association chose well for their last Show hosting Magician and Magic Circle Comedy Award winner Ian Keable who brought hilarity to Gwynfe with his new one man Show “Nothing Up My Sleeve”;  Ian’s merry face and patter kept us laughing out loud; the audience were mystified with his mind boggling funny tricks and close up magic – the children were speechless, except for our eight year old heckler, young Tom!  Ian’s unique humour is recommended to any promoter who wants a good Night Out at their Hall; the Show was extremely funny, ask anyone whom attended.  
Cawl ac Adloniant gan Côr Meibion Dinefwr at Gwynfe’s St. David’s Day Celebrations was an entertaining and amusing evening, which ended with the English among the audience being treated to a quick Taster Session of Welsh, when we learned the traditional song about the colour of goats, white, red, blue and black titled “Oes Gafr Eto”.  The Cawl, Caws, Bara and Welsh Cakes were up to the usual excellent standard; the Hall Committee’s thanks go to the Friends of Gwynfe Community Hall, Sheila Brynchwith, June Pencaenewydd, Mary Dafadfa, Haulwen & Mairwen daughters of Glenys Griffin. Llinos Davies Brynawel and Sheila Maes y Wern.

A Barbecue and Twmpath Dawns started off Gwynfe’s Jubilee weekend on Saturday 02 June; we loved the Queen, we loved each other and we loved the Bethlehem Village Band; those whom wanted to dance did so all evening, the shy amongst the community or those that had health challenges sat enjoying the dancing and listening to the Band playing; others stayed in the Marquee and made use of the Barbecue and Bar.  We had good feedback on the Bethlehem Village Band and will have them back to perform again.  Thanks to Hayley and Paul for decorating the inside of our Hall and George for doing the same outside the Hall.  It was a great few days; we all had a good time.
A Children’s Luncheon Party on Tuesday 05 June saw an end to Gwynfe Jubilee celebrations.  Martin Thompson or Diamond Dust entertained the children with his Dog Mascot, whom was not house-trained much to the delight of the children; they also played all sorts of Games for about three hours and this impressed the parents – with a stop for in between for Lunch.  Lunch was a Hot Dog, chips and beans prepared by Wendy and George from All Saints Church Gwynfe, followed by Ice Cream & Jelly; a Flag Cake was made by Betty from the Party sub-committee.  Provisions, hats, decorations, groceries, etc. were purchased from the Co-Operative Llandovery and the organiser had a generous discount from the Manager.  Presentation Mugs donated by Llangadog Community Council were presented and distributed by parent and, Councillor Colin Evans; this was followed by the Grand Raffle and our thanks to Wyn Morgan Llangadog Post Office for donating her cash prize back towards funds; other cash donations for which we are grateful, were from Llangadog Community Council and Sarah Cook; thanks also to the community for generously making the Raffle a success.  The Community is appreciative and recognize all this would not be possible without help from our sponsors, including the Arts Council of Wales and Carmarthenshire County Council for supporting us, as without their funding we would not be able to meet our Mission Statement, to provide facilities in the interest of recreation and leisure-time, for our Community.

Gwynfe Community Association hosted a great evening on Saturday 15 September 2012, with Padraig Lalor & Band performing – better known as Henry Marten’s Ghost, they have been at our Hall four times over the years and always had good reviews – this time they excelled themselves. In the first Set Padraig told us stories about the Titanic which was built 100 years ago in Belfast, where Padraig was born and brought up and sang songs which he wrote for a CD ‘Ismay’s Dream’; in the second Set with traditional ‘Paddy Wack’ songs, to quote Padraig, we experienced a fantastic Irish evening.  Delicious Hot Dogs and Beef Burgers were sold as usual, during the Interval, by Wendy and Jean, with profits going to All Saints Church Gwynfe. 

Strange Tales from the Darker Side on 01 December 2012, Gwynfe and Friends gathered in the Hall to hear Dr. Grimoire relate some of his bloodcurdling, Darker Tales; it was not until the end he revealed the truth; Dr. Grimoire displayed many gruesome artefacts and demonstrated magic to illustrate his Tales and the audience were asked to join in as “extras” for the purpose.  Gwynfe Community Association thanks all those present for attending and joining in the fun.

The Tim Kliphuis Trio on Friday 24 May were all the audience expected; they were fantastic, amazing, entertaining, instrumentally clever – some comments made after the Show – they can come back anytime.  Show regulars were joined by people from Llandeilo, Llandovery, Llangadog, and believe it or not - from Swansea!  All wanting to know how we in Gwynfe managed to get such a marvellous talent.  Gwynfe Community Association thank Night Out for a lovely evening; the people who were not present do not know what they have missed; Tim kindly told the audience that Gwynfe was helping keep “live music, live”.  In addition, support is appreciated from Arts Council Wales, not forgetting Carmarthenshire County Council and, is imperative.

Gwynfe Community Association hosted a Show at the Community Hall on Saturday 21 September; it was a wonderful success as the audience from Gwynfe and our catchment area can justified.  One has to watch the Amigos live, before one can appreciate their enthusiasm; they had us all dancing in our seats.  People enjoyed Wendy and George’s delicious Hot Dogs and Beef Burgers and Wendy and Jean dealt with the ever lengthening queue with efficiency; these refreshments, served during the Interval, are becoming part of the Show and Wendy and George donate the profits to All Saints Church Gwynfe.

Gwynfe Community Association hosted The Devil’s Violin Company performing “A Love Like Salt” which happened to he held on a night when there was a Bon Fire Party next door to the Hall and Cor Meibion Dinefwr’s Whist Drive.  It was a completely different experience with a fantastic story teller and three musicians paying and singing during the Show.  Everyone remarked how good they were; one particular comment should be quoted here “We really enjoyed the show on Saturday.  It never ceases to amaze us what high-quality and unusual talent you manage to arrange for such a tiny village!

St David’s Day everyone enjoyed Gwynfe Community Association’s celebrations and they were declared a success.  We thank Côr Meibion Dinefwr for their usual excellent and amusing performance; a hymn was sung in dedication to the late Geraint Davies.  The Raffle took place after the Interval, winners were: tickets for the next Show Rhiannon Roberts Ffairfach and Cameron from Australia  David Owen Box of Milk Tray; Ben the Choir’s Accompanist won the Champagne; Lottie, Penbwlch’s daughter bottle of Red Wine; Eifiona Griffiths won the Mystery Prize.  Association thanks to Sheila Brynchwith and June Pencaenewydd for helping prepare the Cawl and Mary, Heather and Ann for the added help during the evening.