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Message: My grandfather William Thomas was born 28 June 1873 in Capel Gwynfe; his parents were William, b 1825, a land agent on Major CB Lewis's Capel Gwynfe estate, & Sarah (nee Thomson) b1834. 2 other children Anne b1852 & Howell b1862 were alive in 1871, but had probably died before 1879. The older William died 1 May 1879, & I believe Sarah earlier. (My g'father went to live with his uncle Thomas Thomas in Llangathen). The family lived in no 1 Green Cottage (on the A4069 south of the village). I have tried in vain to find references in church registers and on gravestones in both the churchyard and at Jerusalem chapel. If anyone were able to give me any information I would be most grateful. Thank you, Geoffrey Thomas.


From:  Professor J D R Thomas (Gresford, Wrexham)

Subject: Re CARWYN JONES (First Minister of National Assembly for Wales or Gwynfe Roots at DOWN 1841 Census via his late Mother)  
(MARGARET WILLIAMS 1826-1888 was a 1st Cousin to Sir John Williams Bt. GCVO as was her brother DAVID WILLIAMS 1832-1904 (JDR’s Great Grandfather)
E.        MARGARET WILLIAMS (16 Feb.1826-19 Nov.1888), born at Pen y Bank, christened 25 Feb 1826 at Jerusalem (entry 48), Gwynfe; Minister – D Jones.  Married to Thomas Thomas 1825-post 1892, a grocer of 1881 Census at Quarry Road, Brynaman, and farmer in 1891 at Mountain Road Brynaman.  Margaret’s father (JDR’s Gtx2 Grandfather), Morgan Williams 1800-1892 died at Mountain Road, where he was at 1891 Census.  At Census 1841, Margaret 15 was at Plasnewydd, Gwynfe.  She was 1st Cousin to Sir John Williams 1840-1926.
[JDR has Death Certificate of Margaret (age 62) at Mountain Road, Brynaman, wife of Thomas Thomas, General Labourer.  She died of Morbus Cordis, General Dropsy, Uraemia.  Informant: Thomas Howells, Son-in-law, Mountain Road Brynaman.]
Margaret (née Williams) 1826-1888 and Thomas Thomas 1825-post 1892 had at least 3 children (daughters), and maybe another dau., as Census 1891 for Mountain Road has Thomas Thomas (Widower) with grand-dau. Mary Ellen Davies (age 11) as ‘Scholar’.  In 1881 Census Mary Ellen Davies (age 1) was a ‘Niece in Law’ at Mountain Road residence of Thomas Howells 1850-post 1910 and Jane Howells (née Thomas) 1850-post 1910; see 1. below:
1.         JANE THOMAS (1850-after 1911) was married to Thomas Howells (1850-after 1911), a Carpenter in Iron Works.  They were at Mountain Road, Brynaman for 1881 and 1891 Censuses.  In 1911 Census (married 40 years) they were in 4-room house/shop at Mountain Road, with daughter Elizabeth Howells, age 35.  Thomas Howells was a Joiner of House Building Trade. 
NOTE re link to CARWYN JONES AM (First Minister from 2010 of National Assembly for Wales): [Thomas Howells 1850-post 1910 was in Census 1851, age 1 at Down, Gwynfe, as a younger brother to David Howells age 14 (who was Gtx2 Grandfather to Carwyn Jones AM for Bridgend of the National Assembly for Wales – appointed First Minister of National Assembly in December 2010).  This DAVID HOWELLS was buried at Capel Maen, Gwynfe in 1905.  DAVID’s eldest son, JOHN HOWELLS born in Gwynfe in 1870 was buried at Ebeneser, Lower Brynaman in 1905, he was known as JOHN HOWELL (no ‘s’ when he died at age 85).  First Minister CARWYN JONES visited a meeting of the Gwynfe Community Association and Hall Management Committee on Friday, 04 February 2011.  There is a Report in the Gwynfe Community Association Web Home Page.]
[NOTE:  Jane and Thomas Howells in a letter of 22 Jan 1910 (No. 1293: Sir John Williams Collection, NLW) informed Sir John Williams of the funeral at Capel Maen, Gwynfe of Dafydd Francis, Cwmllynant (Blacksmith) at age 92 and naming others of good age who’d passed on (including Morgan Williams 1800-1892 – Jane’s grandfather, and Sir John’s uncle).  Sir John had annotated the letter stating that Thomas Howells was son of John Howells (Down), Precentor at Jerusalem, Gwynfe; and that Dafydd Francis was a “Dear old boy.  Pulled the first tooth for me to lose, with some peculiar hook as lever”.]
Thomas Howells 1850-post 1910 and Jane Howells (née Thomas) 1850-post 1910 had at least 4 children (daughters), all in the 1881 Census at Mountain Road, Brynamman, i.e., as
(i)        MARGARET HOWELLS (1871-    ) age 10, born Llanguicke, GLAM, was ‘Servant’ in 1891;
(ii)       ANNIE HOWELLS (1873-    ) age 8, born Llangadock, was Dressmaker in 1891 (born Quarter Bach!);
(iii)      ELIZABETH HOWELLS (1875-after 1911)(age 6, born Llangadock), was ‘Nursing’ in 1891 (b. Quarter Bach!), but at home and ‘single’ at Mountain Road, Brynaman in 1911.
(iv)      JANE HOWELLS (1877-post 1891) age 4, b. Llangadock).  ‘Day Servant’ in 1891 (b. Quarter Bach).
2.         MARY ANNE THOMAS (1861-    ) dressmaker in 1881; was NOT in Census 1891 at Mountain Road.
3.         SARAH ANNE THOMAS (1866-    ) housekeeper in 1891.
[NOTE:  JANE HOWELLS (née Thomas, 1850-after 1910) was 1st Cousin to JDR’s Grandmother - Margaret Thomas née Williams 1868-1952.  Her children (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) above were 2nd Cousins to JDR’s father John Thomas 1894-1978, and like him they’d be 1st Cousins TWICE removed to Sir John Williams 1840-1926.]
[NOTE on DAVID JONES Pontarfon. Minister 1821-1859 at Jerusalem, Gwynfe, and 1853-1859 of Capel Maen.  David Jones stayed at Pontarfon for his Ministry, visiting Gwynfe twice a month.  The present Jerusalem was built early in his ministry (expressed as ‘the stately Jerusalem’ by the architecture of the building, on page 38 of ‘Wales’s Best One Hundred Churches’ by TJ Hughes, ISBN 978-1-85411-427-3 pbk).   David Jones’s ministry was followed for 1860-1899 by William Thomas (1828-1899).  It was William Thomas who baptised JDR’s grandfather – John Thomas (Ffosycloddiau) 21 Aug 1870-03 Mar1943, JDR’s father – John Thomas 21 Nov 1894-26 Jul 1978 and 2 of his 3 siblings.  William Thomas authored ‘Bendithio’r Meysydd’ - Hymn No. 86 of Caneuon Ffydd, 2001)]
J D R Thomas 10 November 2011.


Hello from New Zealand.
Would any know if Iris and Eric Williams are still in your area.  Their father and mother were Aylwin and Elizabeth Eunice Williams.  Eunice rescued her mother from a house fire in 1953.  A collection as made in the district and a new farm house was built. 
Aylwins father was minister of the local chapels in early 1900's.
If anyone has a photo of the churches I would love a copy.  My Grandmother was married in Jerusalem Chapel in 1910 (14th September) Kate Hall. Kate was related to Rev. G.G. Williams.

Yours Rosemary Tully, Whakatane, New Zealand
"Everyone smiles in the same language"


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Subject: Family History
Message: My grandmother, Sian Evans was born in Glyncladach, Gwynfe, in approx 1896. Her parents were Mary and David and she had two sisters, Lizzie and May. Does anyone know anything about the family?


Email from Rosemary Tully
This is from an album that has just been given to me from my late Aunts estate.  The photo was taken by my late Uncle (Arthur B Hall).

             Glanrhyd Meilock Gwynfe - Christmas 1954.


Name: Diane Burns
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Subject: Gwynfe Cottage
Message: I'm interested in obtaining a copy of a map dated 1891 as my daughter and family bought Gwynfe Cottage last November, and are very interested in its history - they already know it was built in 1862.

My advice would be to try the National Library in Aberystwyth; you could try one of the Search Engines on the Internet first.  Please see my email to you.  I have Maps of Gwynfe houses (£10) as they are at present (printed 2005).
Regards, June.

Name: Diane Burns
Subject: Gwynfe Cottage
Message: More recent history of the residents. and any information on Rev G.G.Williams after 1911 would be a great help. thankyou.