Our Hall is open for use by Associations, Clubs, Private Parties, Fundraisers and Commercial firms in the area who need a Conference Room.


We would like to remind anyone wishing to book the Hall for meetings that we charge £7 per hour.

We would like to remind anyone who wishes to book the Hall for Parties that we have a Sound System which you can use to have your own Disco or Dances; the charge is £10 per hour. 

We have a ceiling-mounted Projector for Presentations and a Stage and Lighting which can be used to promote Plays, Music, Dancing, Eisteddfod and any other entertainment of the like kind.  Again the charge is £10 per hour.


We hold a Liquor Licence, and if anyone wishes to use it, it will cost you £10 per hiring; the licence fee is chargeable to all hirers when alcohol is for sale.


The All Day Rates cost £150 and includes Hall, Equipment and Licence if required; this also allows for setting up the evening before and clearing away the day after.

Day Only Rates cost £112 including Hall and Equipment but excluding Licence; with the Day Licence it will cost £122.


The hall does not currently hold a licence for marriages.


Get in touch with the Secretary Heather for further details.




A special 'thank you' to the Show Committee Chairman, Steve Jones for the Prize of £30 which they donated to our Spring Show, Special Prize Draw, which took place in May 2003.  The Show Committee also donated £40 towards the 2007 Children’s Christmas Tea Party, as they have done every year since.

                                                                       Gwynfe Show Dinner
                                                             John and Sarah with Dai Jones & Mrs. Jones
                                                           at the Gwynfe Agricultural Show Annual Dinner.

                             Looking at the Exhibits  The Show in 2010  and there is more                
                                     Looking at the Exhibits                                                       .....and more
                                                                       Looking at Flowers
                                                                  The Flower Arrangements were beautiful

All Saints Church in Gwynfe, the Community Hall's next door neighbour, often holds Concerts in Church but they also use the Community Hall when necessary. Times of Church Services at Saints can be found in The Post, but at this time of writing they are:

1st - 3rd Weeks 11:15  Eucharist

4th  Week         08.00  Communion

5th Week                     Various as arranged


There is also a link from this website to the Church website.

                                               New Church

                                                                                               Old Chapel


History in Gwynfe.

The Court Baron and the Court Leet spring from the middle Ages.


     Each manor, an estate granted from a superior lord or even the King himself, belonged to a lord of the manor, who was responsible for organizing the life of the estate for his own profit and the rights of the workers living there.

     This was done through the court baron every two or three weeks. The court dealt with such matters as the transfer of the land, the organization of the common fields and meadows, the abatement of nuisances, such as defective hedges, blocking of paths, straying beasts, etc and anything concerning the occupation of the inhabitants, which in most manors were agricultural.
     The Steward, who ran the court for the lord, kept a watchful eye over the lord’s rights, including rentals, heriots and boon work.

     The hundred court, dating from Saxon times, could be compared to an English District Council, consisting of representatives from all its manors and unlike the court baron had jurisdiction over petty offences and civil affairs. Lords who found this irksome could apply to the Crown to have the rights of the Hundred Court applied to them for use in their own manor.
     Such additional courts were called Court Leet and met twice a year and it did not take long for a lord to fuse his court baron and Court Leet into one court, meeting only twice annually.     

    The Leet Court still continues and is now held at Gwynfe Community Hall and Farmers attend from all over our catchment area; Sheep are brought down from Common Land every January and July by their owners, but any Sheep which cannot be identified, are brought here and offered for Sale.